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  • Erase Your internet history

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    Powerful file recovery software, restores
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    Recover your deleted files or your money back.

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About Ultimate PC Tools

Ultimate PC Tools is focused on providing affordable, simple, highly effective online security and system utility software for Windows® based computers. Our powerful easy to use software tools are designed to greatly enhance performance on your PC or laptop. Our dedication to high quality, cutting edge products and excellent customer service has enabled us to become one of the industry leaders in personal computer software.

Founded in 2002, we have served more than 1,000,000 satisfied customers worldwide and continue to provide industry leading innovations and quality products.

Ultimate PC Tools software is trusted and used worldwide by people every day. Our software is designed to fully optimize your PC experience, has the latest technology, easy user-friendly features, and are some of the most powerful products available on the market today.

We believe in providing superior customer service, which is why we provide 24/7 assistance.

Our team of highly trained support & technical staff are available around-the-clock to help with your queries. If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us. We promise to respond to all messages within one business day; however our typical response time is just four hours. For a more immediate response, we are also available via Live Chat during normal business hours.

Privacy Software

Evidence Blaster
Erase your web browsing history with a single mouse click! Remove ALL your Windows and Internet history at a stroke. Safeguard your privacy and stay protected from intruders. Using US Government-strength deletion standards, Evidence-Blaster does it all. Learn more

Flash Drive Security
If you use a Flash Drive or USB Key, your files are vulnerable. You want to be able to take your files with you, wherever you go. But you also need a way to keep those files safe and secure – just in case your drive gets lost or falls into the wrong hands. The newly updated Flash Drive Security Software gives you INSTANT protection. Learn more

Panic Button Pro
Want to keep your private files away from prying eyes? Just hit the Panic Button! Press ONE KEY and your files will disappear from sight INSTANTLY! Hide files, programs, or browser windows at the touch of a button – and keep your business to yourself! Learn more

Secure Drive Erase
Permanently delete files for good – in MINUTES! Secure Drive Erase completely OBLITERATES information so you know it's ABSOLUTELY GONE! No more worries that your information might fall into the wrong hands. And with EXTREME deletion standards, you know that NO-ONE will be able to get it back. Learn more

Internet History Cleaner
Here's an easy way to COMPLETELY WIPE AWAY your Internet footprints! This remarkable software will automatically clear your Windows history, IE history, and Firefox history. Plus, it will erase ALL histories from your most popular programs, from Word to the Google Toolbar, and permanently shreds the files! Learn more

Virtual Vault Pro
Want 100% secure file protection? Virtual Vault Pro lets you "lock up" files in your own "virtual vault" – so NO-ONE but you can access them. Files stay HIDDEN from prying eyes – and the software SHREDS the originals so they can NEVER BE RECOVERED. Learn more

Hide My IP Address
Everything you do online can be tracked RIGHT BACK TO YOU! Every website you visit, every e-mail you send, every file you download and every purchase you make; they are all logged by your IP that lead STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR! Learn more

Hide Folders Pro
Hide your Windows folders with a single keypress! Press ONE key – or ANY combination – and PRESTO! Your selected files will vanish from sight. Hide single files or AS MANY AS YOU WANT! It's never been easier to keep your files and folders safe from prying eyes. Learn more

Windows Utility Software

The Podcast Kit
Want to create your own podcast, but don't know how to start? The Ultimate Podcasting Kit is your complete guide to podcasting. You will learn "hands-on" tools from an expert in the field, get tips and tricks on how to promote your podcast, learn how to get listed in top directories and so much more. Learn more

Create high-quality PDF files in just SECONDS! Just hit "Print" and you're done! Word documents, photos, spreadsheets – if you can print it, you can turn it into a PDF. Learn more

Backup Email
Backup Email is the complete mail backup system! Designed for fast, easy backup of Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail, it makes backing up a cinch. Backup account settings, address books, IE favorites - and more! Learn more

Rescue deleted photos from ANY media card – even after it's been FORMATTED! Photo-Saver will get back ALL recoverable photos from memory cards, digital cameras, and PC-compatible storage devices. It scans and recovers lost AND deleted photos in just MINUTES! Learn more

Voicemail Recorder
Record your own voice e-mail messages in just seconds! Save HOURS of precious time and clear your inbox FASTER THAN EVER! Send messages that are more personal and creative than text alone. Learn more

No matter how your files or photos were deleted, File-saver Software will recover them or your money back. A simple scan of your hard drive, memory card, flash drive or camera, is all it takes to locate deleted files and quickly restore them. Learn more

My First Browser
Want to protect your kids, so they can surf the web safely without worrying about what they might accidentally see? My First Web Browser is a safe web browser for kids, which gives you 100% control over what website they visit. Learn more

Website Downloader
Website Downloader is a simple, yet powerful tool that will quickly download entire websites or single pages in three simple clicks then browse the site offline anytime! Learn more


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