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Delete Your Internet Browsing & PC History FAST!

Your computer stores more than you think. Windows logs EVERYTHING you do online and on your PC. Every email you write, every website you visit, every picture or document you open, it?s all stored in hidden files. Are your habits exposed? Is your privacy protected?

Erase your web browsing history with a single mouse click! Remove ALL your PC, Windows and Internet history fast and easy. Safeguard your privacy and stay protected from intruders.

Using US Government-strength deletion methods, Evidence-Blaster does it all. It eradicates all history, logs and hidden files - and it does it all automatically. Plus you'll get free upgrades and lifetime support so you can relax knowing you're always protected.


Customer Reviews of Evidence-Blaster

"This software is simply the easiest thing to use. I never imagined it would be so easy to remove evidence of what I did on the web. I love the fact that it can run in stealth mode so no one else needs to know that I'm using it. Thank you!" - Fadi Bhatia

"I've always been concerned about maintaining my privacy and I hate the fact that people can easily view all pages and photos I have seen online. But no longer! Evidence Blaster gets rid of all this information automatically and I have nothing more to worry about. My online privacy is totally secure." - Stephen Kulkarni

"I really love your software. It's the best $22.95 I ever spent! It removes everything from my browser cache and empties the recycle bin for good. I checked, there is no way the erased data can be retrieved even by using the best recovery programs. Your software is a great buy." - Seenlann Sankineni

"Evidence Blaster is simply amazing. I'm really easy to use and does a fantastic job of erasing all system cookies and information about all the files I have visited. I can't believe I actually used to waste time do this manually (without even erasing the data for good). Kudos to your team!" - Adedamola Mathew

"I tried Evidence Blaster because a friend of mine uses it to protect his online privacy. I must say that I'm very impressed with what I've experienced because this software is easy to install and use. I'm definitely interested in more software from your company. My computer is safer and faster thanks to you!" - Patrick Lufadeju

"I buy software on occasion, but I have had very bad experiences with some of them. Your products consistently do what they promise. Evidence Blaster was a great purchase because it helps me maintain my privacy. It does not interfere with other security software and does its job effortlessly. Thank you!" - Asyia Spiegel

"Thanks to your software I can visit any site I want without worrying about people viewing this information later on. I can believe that people actually go online without having this kind of privacy support. I'm totally sold on your software and will keep returning to you for other products." - Joanne Ahmad

"I've told everyone I know about your Evidence Blaster software. I'm very particular about my privacy and buying your software was one of the best things I did. I don't have to delete browsing history manually or worry about someone snooping through my machine anymore. I'm definitely going to check out all your other products as well."- Radhakrishna Chang

"Kudos to your developers for coming up with such a useful program. It's amazing to be able to easily erase all information about the sites I visited. I just have to key in my secret key combination and your software does the rest. Thank you for giving me so much peace of mind." - Shashin Larghi

"I'm not a computer geek nor do I want to be one. However I do want to maintain my privacy. I'm so glad I came across Evidence Blaster because I can get rid of all evidence of the sites I visited without wasting too much time. I'm definitely going to recommend your company to all my friends." - Gerard Kuryan

For a limited time, you can get Evidence-Blaster for just $22.95 - that's an incredible $77 savings.

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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