Securely Lock & Unlock Flash Drives & USB Keys in SECONDS!

If you use a Flash Drive or USB Key, your files are vulnerable. You want to be able to take your files with you, wherever you go. But you also need a way to keep those files safe and secure - just in case your drive gets lost or falls into the wrong hands.

The newly updated Flash Drive Security Software gives you INSTANT protection. You can quickly lock your USB Key so that no-one but you can access it - not even the FBI! And with US Government approved encryption methods, it's never been easier to protect your data from theft and prying eyes.


Frequenty Asked Questions

Got questions about our Flash Drive software? Don't worry, we have answers! Just click to view:

Internet History Cleaner

Q. What is Flash Drive Security?

It is a POWERFUL USB drive and file encryption tool!

It will ?lock? and ?unlock? the files on your USB flash drive and also make them "disappear". If someone looks at your drive it will be empty!

Launch the program and select the files to lock. The software will ask you for a password, then it will encrypt the files using AES 256-bit encryption.

To unlock your files, just run the program again and enter your password. All of your original files will be instantly available.

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Q. How secure will my flash drive be?

The Flash Drive Security software will COMPLETELY PROTECT your files. You could hand your USB drive over to a computer hacker after protecting your files ? and you wouldn?t have to worry about your data being compromised!

NOBODY will be able to recover your files unless they use Flash Drive Security and know your password. In other words, you?re TOTALLY SECURE.

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Q. Can I selectively encrypt certain files?

You bet! By default, our Flash Drive Security software will lock all of the files on your USB flash drive. However you can selectively encrypt any file or multiple files you want.

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Q. Will it work with the new large gigabyte drives?

Yes! Flash Drive Security software supports all USB flash drives of any size.

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Q. Is a memory card, USB pen, and flash drive the same thing?

There is no difference. Different terminology has been used over the years, however these terms all refer to the same thing. A USB flash drive is the same as a USB memory stick, which is the same as a USB Key drive.

Flash Drive Security software works with them all!

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Q. Do I get free updates when they are available?

We don?t think you should have to pay more, just because we?ve dreamed up new fancy features! That?s why we offer FREE lifetime upgrades for customers of our Flash Drive Security software. No upgrade costs ever!

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Q. Do I receive support after my purchase?

We have a full support department ready to help you, plus we provide a full walk-through guide upon purchase. If you require support at ANY time, simply contact us via our dedicated support site, myHelpHub.com. We promise to answer all queries in under one business day and our average response time is just four hours. We also routinely provide online chat, too!

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Buy Flash Drive Security software now for TOTAL SECURITY and peace of mind no matter where you take your flash drive. Never worry about your flash drive files or photos falling into the wrong hands.

Don't take chances when it comes to the security of your flash drive files. Buy Flash Drive Security software now, you'll be glad you did.

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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