Securely Lock & Unlock Flash Drives & USB Keys in SECONDS!

If you use a Flash Drive or USB Key, your files are vulnerable. You want to be able to take your files with you, wherever you go. But you also need a way to keep those files safe and secure - just in case your drive gets lost or falls into the wrong hands.

The newly updated Flash Drive Security Software gives you INSTANT protection. You can quickly lock your USB Key so that no-one but you can access it - not even the FBI! And with US Government approved encryption methods, it's never been easier to protect your data from theft and prying eyes.


Customer Reviews of Flash Drive Security Software

"I have always carried data around with me in a flash drive but I was always worried about identity theft and the loss of data. I would be devastated if all this information and photographs got into the wrong hands. Your company's Flash Drive Security Software has put me totally at rest because I know that the data can't be used even if someone gets hold of the device." - Jose Lankarani

"I lost my USB key a while ago but I didn't have to panic because I had used your Flash Drive Security Software to encrypt your files. Sure, I had to get a new USB Key and transfer all the data to it all over again, but at least the misplaced data couldn't be used by anyone else." - Edmond Dadabhai

"I learnt a lesson about data security the hard way when I misplaced my flash drive on which I had saved a lot of sensitive information. I never make the same mistake twice and I now use your Flash Drive Security Software. Even if someone gets hold of my flash drive they won't be able to access the data." - Vesselin Siddiqui

"I need to carry around a lot of important data in a USB key, bank account details, passwords and the like. The only way I can do this without worrying constantly is by using your Flash Drive Security Software to encrypt the data. Only I know the password and can use the data. Thank you!" - Melissa Hwang

"I carry around lots of important documents connected with my business so that I can do my work when I'm on the move. Security is as important as mobility to me and I'm very pleased to say that your company's Flash Drive Security Software has given me a lot of peace of mind." - Randall Fox

"I never felt safe about carrying sensitive data on a flash drive even though this was the easiest and smallest storage device I could use. Its only when a friend told me about your Flash Drive Security Software that I had a solution to the problem. I have no worries when I carry my USB drive with me because there is no way anyone else can use the data." - Marcia Purewal

"I don't like taking chances about anything, but especially regarding my security. I can't even imagine using a flash drive to store data without first encrypting the data. Your Flash Drive Security Software is one of the most useful products I have ever used. Kudos to your team for developing it!" - Neha Ghumman

"As a security consultant I need to keep up to date with all the security products available in the market. I'm very impressed with your Flash Drive Security Software and always recommend that my clients use it. In fact, I use it too in order to keep all my data safe. Thank you for making my job easier!" - Rafael Parikh

"My company offers IT solutions to many businesses. We always use and recommend your company's Flash Drive Security Software because it is the easiest to use and the most efficient. It offers excellent value at a mere $27." - Paola Kalra

"I didn't think it would be easy to secure data on my USB drive until I came across your Flash Drive Security Software. I can lock and unlock data in seconds, knowing that even government agencies won't be able to access data without my password! Good job!" - Christine Johal

Buy Flash Drive Security software now for TOTAL SECURITY and peace of mind no matter where you take your flash drive. Never worry about your flash drive files or photos falling into the wrong hands.

Don't take chances when it comes to the security of your flash drive files. Buy Flash Drive Security software now, you'll be glad you did.

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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