Make Your Private Folders Invisible!

Hide your Windows folders with a single keypress! Press ONE key - or ANY combination - and PRESTO! Your selected files will vanish from sight. Hide single files or AS MANY AS YOU WANT! It's never been easier to keep your files and folders safe from prying eyes.


With Hide Folders Pro YOU Control Your Privacy!

Just think how much information is stored on your PC. Letters, e-mails, IM chats, photos, business and financial data; it's all just sitting there for anyone to see. And if you're not protecting it you're leaving yourself vulnerable to snoopers and busybodies.

And it's not just people you know that pose a threat. The files on your PC are at risk from hackers and viruses, too. That's why you need to password-protect them and hide them away - so no-one but YOU can access them.

Hide Folders Pro Does More Than Protect Your Files - It Hides Them COMPLETELY!

Hide Folders Pro gives you simple but powerful password protection for any folders you want to keep private. It can also run in stealth mode, so no-one will know you're using it.

It's SO good, in fact, that not even the Task Manager knows it's running!

It's easy to use, too. Simply add a folder to your list, check the folders you want hidden, and then click to hide them. Job done! The folders will disappear from sight! When you want to access them again, simply type in your password.

Plus, with hotkey shortcuts you can specify exactly which folders to hide or display. There's never ANY change in your data, either, so data loss is never an issue.

Hide Folders Pro can:

  • Protect folders by password
  • Encrypt passwords for extra security
  • Run in stealth mode - so no one knows it's running
  • Hide UNLIMITED numbers of folders
  • Quickly hide folders using hotkeys
  • Automatically startup with Windows for ease of use

Plus, Every Order ALSO Comes With:

  • FREE version of The Encrypter ($29.95 value) to encrypt files and folders to CIA standards
  • FREE lifetime support
  • FREE lifetime updates
  • FREE online chat support

Want to password-protect selected files and folders? Then you NEED THIS SOFTWARE!

That's Hide Folders Pro - a FAST easy tool for password-protecting Windows folders!

Hide Folders Pro is a must-have software solution that will protect your personal files and folders from prying eyes. Quickly and easily HIDE and PROTECT all your documents, emails and photographs for complete privacy.

Don't forget - for a limited time you'll also get a BONUS gift of The Encrypter - worth over $29.95 - FREE!

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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