Make Your Private Folders Invisible!

Hide your Windows folders with a single keypress! Press ONE key - or ANY combination - and PRESTO! Your selected files will vanish from sight. Hide single files or AS MANY AS YOU WANT! It's never been easier to keep your files and folders safe from prying eyes.


Frequenty Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Hide Folders Pro? No problem, we have answers!

Here are our top frequently asked questions about Hide Folders Pro:

Hide My IP Address

Q. What is Hide Folders Pro?

Hide Folders Pro is the world's easiest folder hiding software. It allows you to easily hide your folders, keeping them safe from prying eyes, hackers and viruses.

Just tell Hide Folders Pro which are your private folders. Then press your secret keystroke to hide them, INSTANTLY. To make them visible again, press your secret keystroke.

It's literally THAT simple! Click HERE to watch our online demonstration.

Don't risk being found out – make sure your private information is kept PRIVATE. Hide your folders, with Hide Folders Pro.

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Q. How easy is it to use this program?

Hide Folders Pro allows you to securely hide your folders with just a couple of clicks! Simply select your folder, then click the "Hide" button. It's LITERALLY that simple!

You can see a movie of Hide Folders Pro in action by clicking here.

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Q. Can anyone detect Hide Folders Pro is running?

Absolutely NOT! Hide Folders Pro runs discreetly in the background, as you use your PC. It doesn't slow down your computer and doesn't even show in the Task Manager. It's completely invisible. Even a computer expert wouldn't know it was running!

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Q. Who can I block from viewing my folders?

Hide Folders Pro blocks EVERYTHING from viewing your files and folders. That includes home users, administrators, network users, Internet users, even computer programs and viruses. NOTHING gets past Hide Folders Pro.

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Q. Is Hide Folders Pro safe?

Yes! We spend thousands testing our software and you're guaranteed of absolute quality. Hide Folders Pro does not modify the file system structure in anyway whatsoever. It's completely and utterly safe to use.

Even if your computer crashes while Hide Folders Pro is hiding your folders, there's no need to panic – your files are always perfectly safe and will be automatically hidden again, until you decide otherwise!

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Q. Do I receive free upgrades?

Yes! We don't believe in charging you extra, just because we've dreamed up new features for our software. When you purchase Hide Folders Pro, you're entitled to 100% FREE lifetime upgrades and 100% FREE lifetime support. It's all part of quality promise.

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Q. Will Hide Folders Pro work on my PC?

You bet! Hide Folders Pro works on ANY Windows computer, with any file system. Please note that Hide Folders Pro does NOT work on Mac computers.

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Q. How quickly will I receive my order?

We'll send you download links for Hide Folders Pro the INSTANT you place your order. There's no waiting, and we're open 24 hours a day!

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Q. Can I order my version on CD-ROM?

You certainly can! We'll send you a professional-pressed CD-ROM version of Hide Folders Pro, in a hi-tech ejector CD case, for just $35.95!

To purchase your copy on CD-ROM, please click Here.

That includes FREE international delivery, a FREE copy of The Encrypter, plus INSTANT download links – so you can get get started the moment you order!

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Q. I have more questions. Who can I ask?

We provide 24/7 assistance via our dedicated support site

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Hide Folders Pro is a must-have software solution that will protect your personal files and folders from prying eyes. Quickly and easily HIDE and PROTECT all your documents, emails and photographs for complete privacy.

Don't forget - for a limited time you'll also get a BONUS gift of The Encrypter - worth over $29.95 - FREE!

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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