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Hide My IP Address

The Internet Is NOT Anonymous!

Everything you do online can be tracked RIGHT BACK TO YOU! Every website you visit, every e-mail you send, every file you download and every purchase you make; They all are tracked - STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!

Your Internet activity is saved on access logs tied to your IP address. And your IP address is broadcast EVERY TIME you go online. So anybody that wants to can easily locate you and find out exactly what you've been up to!


Now You Can Surf The Web In Peace!

Hide My IP Address does exactly what it says: it hides your IP Address. So your location and online activity remains anonymous. It masks your IP Address by going through a network of proxy servers, making it impossible for anyone to trace where you've been and what you've been doing.

It looks and feels just like a standard browser, so you won't have to make any awkward adjustments or get used to new software. You can run it anywhere, too, even from a USB pen – meaning you can use it at work, in the library, in Internet cafes, or anywhere you want to surf in peace.

If you want to be able to browse the Internet anonymously, then you need Hide My IP Address!

Your IP Tells More About You than You Think

Once they know your unique IP Address, anyone can find out more information about you.

Just by contacting your Internet Service Provider or downloading a freeware product online, ANYONE can discover:

  • The IP address host name
  • Your geographic information, including the country/state/city/area code
  • Your latitude and longitude coordinates - pinpointing your location with FRIGHTENING ACCURACY on a map

And that's why more and more people are turning to safe and reliable products like Hide My IP Address. Just look at some of its powerful features:

  • Hide the IP Address of your computer with a single click
  • Ensure your privacy on the Internet by masking your IP
  • Surf the web super-fast using 2,500+ anonymous secure servers
  • Protect yourself from identity thieves
  • Mask your IP from anywhere – load Hide IP on a flash drive and take it with you
  • Send completely anonymous e-mails (Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail and more)
  • Secure your browsing using built-in privacy tools (block ads, popups and more)
  • Surf forums and blogs that ban or block your IP address

If You Thought Web Surfing Was Anonymous – Think Again!

Literally everything you do online is connected back to you through your IP address. Everyone with a home computer that is connected to the Internet has an IP address – even you.

But with Hide My IP Address, your worries are over!

This Firefox browser-based software automatically routes your Internet traffic through ultra-fast, ultra-secure anonymous servers in the well-known & powerful Tor network for total privacy. And unlike other similar products that charge quarterly subscription charges, you only pay a one-off fee for the software. Then it's your use to use as often as you like – FOREVER!

You'll also receive:

  • A FULL copy of Ultimate PC Security Package
  • A FREE Outlook Span Filter
  • A FREE Anti-Fraud Toolbar
  • FREE lifetime updates
  • FREE lifetime tech support
  • FREE online chat support

If privacy online is important to you, then Hide My IP Address will give you the anonymity you deserve!

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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