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Hide My IP Address

The Internet Is NOT Anonymous!

Everything you do online can be tracked RIGHT BACK TO YOU! Every website you visit, every e-mail you send, every file you download and every purchase you make; They all are tracked - STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!

Your Internet activity is saved on access logs tied to your IP address. And your IP address is broadcast EVERY TIME you go online. So anybody that wants to can easily locate you and find out exactly what you've been up to!


Frequenty Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Hide My IP Address? No problem, we have answers!

Here are our top frequently asked questions about Hide My IP Address:

Hide My IP Address

Q. What is Hide My IP Address?

Hide My IP Address is a smart browser that completely protects your online privacy!

When you're online, your computer constantly broadcasts your IP address. Every e-mail you send, every Web site you visit, every file you download, every image you view – they're ALL connected back to your IP address!

However your IP address can be instantly traced back to your Internet service provider, who is required to provide YOUR personal details following certain requests.

If YOU don't want Web sites tracking your IP address, monitoring your activities and potentially retrieving personal information from your service provider – then you need to HIDE your IP address!

Hide My IP Address is a specially created browser that automatically routes all of your Web traffic through a series of highly secure, totally anonymous high-speed servers.

It's EASY to USE... You just browse the Web as normal, SAFE in the knowledge you're protected!

The Hide My IP Address tool is based on the Firefox browser, meaning it's easy-to-use and supports all of the latest Web technologies. It also utilizes the popular Tor privacy network, so you can be assured of total privacy. Hide My IP Address uses a customized security module, which routes your requests through TWO separate anonymous Tor servers, for speedy access and total security.

Hide My IP Address is a necessity in today's wired world – and ABSOLUTELY the ultimate online privacy tool.

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Q. Why do I need to hide my IP address?

Because everything you do online is linked with your IP address, which can be instantly connected back to you!

That means EVERYTHING. E-mail messages, Web sites, images, file downloads, EVERYTHING.

Can you imagine receiving an official legal summons from the head of the BMI legal department -- because you downloaded a simple music file? Or losing your job because of that "anonymous" e-mail you sent to a certain someone?

Or maybe you downloaded something you shouldn't have – and DON'T wish to be caught?

By hiding your IP address, you shield yourself from problems.

You GUARANTEE that all of your Internet use really IS totally anonymous. If you're a smart user, you know that you really MUST hide your IP address – and you can do that INSTANTLY, with Hide My IP Address.

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Q. Why don't you charge a subscription fee?

Our developers at UltimatePCTools.com have long-believed in a one-time payment structure.

Yes, you'll gain instant access to the Tor security network of over 2,500 totally secure servers -- with thousands more added each and every day.

But why should YOU pick up the bill?

When you download your copy of Hide My IP Address, you ONLY pay a ONE-TIME FEE to cover the download and support costs.

There are absolutely NO extra charges, NO hidden costs and NO recurring payments. It doesn't matter how often you use your browser, or how much data you transfer.

This FREE update service is our marketing advantage. It's what makes our product the BEST!

Other IP privacy companies charge quarterly fees for their update service. We don't. We produce dozens of other privacy products and guarantee to support them ALL for life. You can trust in our group – and you can trust that you'll never pay a cent more than the price you see on the site today!

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Q. Do the secure servers store my personal information?

When you use Hide My IP Address, your information is routed through two separate anonymous servers in the Tor privacy network -- for TOTAL anonymity.

Do these secure servers store ANY of your personal information?

Absolutely NOT!

"Tor" is the most respected secure Internet tunneling network in the world. It's used by millions of individuals, and utilizes over 2,500 secure servers. (Learn more about Tor here.)

In addition, Hide My IP Address routes your Web traffic through TWO separate anonymous high-speed servers, for your total protection.

With Hide My IP Address, you can be assured of your COMPLETE PRIVACY.

In fact, the Tor servers are SO secure, the data transfer is typically done at a hardware level - meaning that even the computer software running on the servers can't read the data!

Also, we DON'T link your actual purchase to your surfing -- unlike competitors such as Anonymizer. This abstraction ensures we NEVER know which customers are visiting which sites.

In addition, sites within the Tor network DO NOT maintain any useful, identifying logs. Requests for information from law enforcement agencies (and other bodies) are typically disregarded, and are usually in violation of the US Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

ZERO LOGS are maintained. And ZERO LOGS have ever been given to ANYONE.

In brief? With Hide My IP Address, you're totally anonymous. And that's our total guarantee.

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Q. Will Hide My IP Address work on my PC?

Hide My IP Address will almost certainly work on your PC!

All you need is an Internet connection, and a PC running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows 2000.

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Q. Is the Hide My IP Address browser limited in any way?

No way!

Hide My IP Address is built on top of the powerful Firefox browser, and your surfing experience is not limited in any way. Anything you can do in Firefox, you can do with Hide My IP Address!

That includes viewing Flash animations, playing videos, downloading music files -- absolutely anything!

The browser is also completely customizable too, so you can turn off any features you don't require.

For example, by default, Hide My IP Address automatically stops most advertisements from appearing as you surf. Prefer to see the ads? Then just turn off that feature. Simple!

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Q. How quickly will I receive my order?

There's no delay when you order online!

After you've placed your order, you'll receive your download links by e-mail within just seconds. It's practically instant, and we're open 24 hours a day!

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Q. Do I receive free upgrades?

Absolutely YES!

We don't believe in charging you extra, just because we've dreamed up new features for our software. When you purchase Hide My IP Address, you're entitled to 100% FREE upgrades for life, and LIFETIME SUPPORT thrown into the package. It's all part of our total quality promise.

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Q. Can I order my version on CD-ROM?

You certainly can!

We'll send you the professional-pressed CD-ROM version of Hide My IP Address, in a hi-tech ejector CD case, for just $44.95!

That includes FREE international delivery, the FREE bonus privacy tools, plus INSTANT download links sent by e-mail – so you can still get started the moment you order!

To order the CD-ROM version, please click here.

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Q. I have more questions. Who can I ask?

We provide 24/7 assistance via our dedicated support page

We promise to respond to all messages within one business day, however our typical response time is just four hours. We're also routinely available for online chat support. To contact us, please click here.

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