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Hide My IP Address

The Internet Is NOT Anonymous!

Everything you do online can be tracked RIGHT BACK TO YOU! Every website you visit, every e-mail you send, every file you download and every purchase you make; They all are tracked - STRAIGHT TO YOUR DOOR!

Your Internet activity is saved on access logs tied to your IP address. And your IP address is broadcast EVERY TIME you go online. So anybody that wants to can easily locate you and find out exactly what you've been up to!


How it Works Without Hide My IP Address, you leave yourself unprotected: FIRST IMAGE Our secure servers, protect your identity online: SECOND IMAGE

Without Hide My IP Address, you leave yourself unprotected

secure browser main screen

Our secure servers, protect your identity online:

secure browser main screen

Welcome Screen

secure browser main screen

Welcome Hide My IP Address. Make yourself at home. Get ready to enjoy total anonymity on the Web!

You can even browse your computer hard drive to find an acceptable image – like a family photo, to use as their background image.

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Hide My IP Address Browser

Add allowed websites

Yes, it's a cool-looking version of the Firefox browser, containing our built-in security add-ons for privacy protection!

Our custom-browser ensures that all of your browsing history is permanently erased -- and that all of your surfing is automatically routed through the ultra-secure, ultra-fast Tor privacy network!

(Remember, you can STILL do everything with our browser that you can do in Firefox.

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Unprotected Web Browsing - Your IP is REAL

Manage allowed websites

When you surf the web without Hide My IP Address, everything you do on the internet is all connected back to you, via your unique IP address. You leave yourself unprotected from identity thieves.

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Protected Web Browsing - Hide Your IP

Setting menu

When you surf the web with Hide My IP Address, your IP address is masked so no one will ever know who you are and your identity will always be protected. You can see how Hide My IP Address has completely obscured the original IP address, for TOTAL anonymity!

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Ad Block Screen

browse in protection mode

Automatically blocks adverts, popups and bad scripts!

Get ready to enjoy a more secure surfing experience! Watch as Hide My IP Address automatically block popups,advertisements and bad scripts. It can even run from a USB pen - and securely erases all of it's own history!

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For just $29.95, you can conceal your IP so you can surf the web completely anonymously.

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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