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Here's an easy way to COMPLETELY WIPE AWAY your Internet footprints! This remarkable software will automatically clear your Windows history, IE history, and Firefox history. Plus, it will erase ALL histories from your most popular programs, from Word to the Google Toolbar.

If you value your privacy when you're online, then you need Internet History Cleaner!


Frequenty Asked Questions

Are you ready to discover how to protect your privacy—with a single click?

Here are our top frequently asked questions about Internet History Cleaner:

Internet History Cleaner

Q. What is Internet History Cleaner?

Internet History Cleaner is the world's most powerful PC privacy tool.

It can erase ALL of your Windows and browser history in just minutes. And it clears everything - including all of the bits most history cleaners forget about.

From cookies to form data, from recently opened documents to the Recycle Bin. You have full control over what is erased - and what is kept.

To begin the cleaning, simply launch the program - or press your special "Panic" key. Alternatively, you can setup Internet History Cleaner to automatically begin cleaning when you close your browser window.

Internet History Cleaner has been voted the world's #1 privacy tool - and it's clear to see why!

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Q. What does Internet History Cleaner erase?

Internet History Cleaner can erase ALL of your Windows and browser history.

It also works selectively, so you can specify exactly what you want removing - and the files you wish to keep. For example, you may wish to store certain cookies on your PC and not have them erased each time.

Internet History Cleaner handles this with ease!

Here's a brief list of just some of the things Internet History Cleaner can do for you:

  • Erases ALL Internet Explorer History - Including address bar history, autocomplete form data, cache, cookies, and visited URLs!

  • Wipes Clean ALL Firefox History - Including the cache, cookies, download history, browser history, saved passwords (optional), and saved form information!

  • Deletes All Microsoft Windows History - Including temporary files, "Run" history, the Recycle Bin, Recent Documents history, Search and Find Files history, Start menu histories, the clipboard, pagefile, and more!

  • Full Extension Support for DOZENS of Programs - Automatically erase the histories behind programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google toolbar, Windows Live toolbar, Yahoo! Toolbar, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Skype, RoboForm, Adobe products, iTunes, QuickTime, DVD Shrink, Nero, MediaMonkey, FileZilla, Go!Zilla, DivX, Ad-Aware, Winamp, FlashFXP, uTorrent, Download Accelerator - and MANY MORE!

With Internet History Cleaner, you can be sure that your privacy is truly protected. That's why it's been voted the world's #1 privacy tool.

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Q. Why would I want to use Internet History Cleaner?

People use Internet History Cleaner for many different reasons!

You may wish to stop your PC slowing down, and getting clogged up by the mass of history information discreetly stored by Windows, your browser, and other applications.

You may wish to automatically erase your surfing logs on your work PC, so that your boss doesn't find out which sites you've been visiting.

Or you may wish to stop nosy family members from finding out what you use the Internet for. Internet History Cleaner will stop them discovering anything!

With Internet History Cleaner, ALL evidence is removed from your PC. You'll never get "caught" again - and your PC will always be running in top condition!

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Q. Will Internet History Cleaner work on my PC?

Almost certainly, yes!

Internet History Cleaner was designed for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, which run on the vast majority of PCs.

It also works with any 32- or 64-bit version of Windows, from Windows 95 upwards.

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Q. Can I customize Internet History Cleaner?

Internet History Cleaner was designed to be fully customized!

You can tweak Internet History Cleaner until it works just as you'd like.

Specify exactly what you'd like the program to erase. Tell it which cookies you wish to keep, and which files you want to ignore.

Select which third-party programs you wish to erase the history from, such as Word or the Google toolbar. Setup your "Panic" key, and choose your preferred data-cleaning strength.

Choose how Internet History Cleaner should automatically update itself, or what it should do when you exit your browser.

It's easy to get started with Internet History Cleaner - but it's also incredibly powerful and designed to be tweaked to the max!

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Q. Do you offer an evaluation version of IHC?

Yes! Our trial version will give you a free taste of Internet History Cleaner.

To download your copy, please click here.

This version works for 7 days, or 14 cleans, whichever comes first.

Most customers however prefer to head straight for the full version.

Remember, Internet History Cleaner has been designed for the discerning customer, and was built to the highest quality standards.

If you have any issues with the software, we'll guarantee to resolve them for you. That's our promise. Buy with confidence!

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Q. Do I receive free upgrades and support for this program?


We wouldn't dream of asking you for a few more dollars, just because we've added new features or plug-ins - or dreamt up great new ways to keep you protected.

Your original purchase price includes FREE LIFETIME UPGRADES and SUPPORT - including LIFETIME UPDATES on every new plug-in we release. And don't worry, we'll always be around to update the program with the latest application plug-ins.

Remember, we're backed by the large WCCL Network group, meaning you'll never be left in the dark.

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Q. I have more questions. Who can I ask?

Don't worry, we're here to help! Simply get in touch with our friendly support technicians online at We're available around-the-clock to answer any questions you may have. We guarantee to respond to you within one business day, however our typical response time is just four hours!

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Buy Internet History Cleaner today to quickly and easily delete your online activities - so your internet history stays 100% PRIVATE.

Protect your online privacy now and NEVER WORRY about who is checking out your online search activities.

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