Protect Your Online Privacy!

Here's an easy way to COMPLETELY WIPE AWAY your Internet footprints! This remarkable software will automatically clear your Windows history, IE history, and Firefox history. Plus, it will erase ALL histories from your most popular programs, from Word to the Google Toolbar.

If you value your privacy when you're online, then you need Internet History Cleaner!


How to Clean Internet History.

Are you ready to discoer how to protect your privacy—with a single click?

Internet History cleaner erases all of your Windows and browser history - in just seconds. You'll never have to worry about prying eyes or a nosy spouse - ever again!

Main Screen

Launch Internet History Cleaner - and use this main screen to navigate the application. You can scan your computer, schedule internet history cleanings, check for updates and so much more.

Scanning Selection Screen

Scan everything from your Internet Explorer history to Microsoft Office logs - and dozens of other plug-ins.

Deletion Confirmation Screen

After scanning, you'll see confirmation of the files to be deleted. Save gigabytes in space!

Statistics Screen

Get up-the-minute logs of the disk space you've saved - all in the name of privacy!

Configuration Screen

Take advantage of bonus features, including wiping free disk space, and the file shredder.

Wipe Free Space Screen

Take advantage of bonus features, including wiping free disk space, and the file shredder.

Internet History Cleaner erases your Web surfing history - including cookies and auto-complete forms. It removes your Windows usage history ? from recently opened documents to the "Run" list. It wipes clean all of those extra settings, too ? from the Google toolbar to the Microsoft Office recent file list.

For just $39.95, Internet History Cleaner automatically protects your privacy for you.

Buy Internet History Cleaner today to quickly and easily delete your online activities - so your internet history stays 100% PRIVATE.

Protect your online privacy now and NEVER WORRY about who is checking out your online search activities.

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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