Protect Your Online Privacy!

Here's an easy way to COMPLETELY WIPE AWAY your Internet footprints! This remarkable software will automatically clear your Windows history, IE history, and Firefox history. Plus, it will erase ALL histories from your most popular programs, from Word to the Google Toolbar.

If you value your privacy when you're online, then you need Internet History Cleaner!


Customer Reviews of Internet History Cleaner

"Your Internet History Cleaner is a fantastic product. I no longer have to worry that people can track my online activities. I can visit all sorts of websites to my heart's content without worrying that people will find out what I have been seeing. Congratulations on a job well done." - Kellen Elgohary

"My computer works much faster than before and I have no worries about people seeing what sites I have visited. Your Internet History Cleaner software has made my life much less complicated than before. Kudos to your team for developing this excellent software. Please keep me updated about any new software you develop." - David Stanger

"I'm totally cool with people using my computer ever since I installed your Internet History Cleaner software. I know they will never be able to find any information about the sites I visit even if they snoop around a lot. Thank you for giving me peace of mind. I really appreciate the fact that you release regular updates." - Michael Floyd

"I hate it when people snoop through my computer to find out what sites I have been visiting. I no longer have to worry about this ever since I installed Internet History Cleaner on my computer. I can use this software to completely remove all trace of sites I visited." - Rohit Bhandari

"Internet History Cleaner is the most effective software for deleting cookies and temporary internet files from a computer. I find that it's really easy to install and use and is a great way to help protect my computer's privacy. Thank you for developing such a useful product." - Christopher Velasco

"I used to spend a great deal of time to remove cookies, temporary internet files and other data from your computer so that other people couldn't see what I had been up to. I save a great deal of time these days thanks to your software. I find it really easy to maintain my privacy these days." - Venkata Inglis

"My computer no longer gives away my secrets because I use your Internet History Cleaner software to remove all trace of sites I visited. I love the privacy it offers me. Your software is simply the best in the business. I've told all my friends about it." - Joseph Copeland

"I used to be worried about people prying in my affairs by looking through my browser history or my temporary internet files cache. I'm no longer worried because I use your Internet History Cleaner software to remove all traces of the sites I have visited. This is a great product and I'm really glad that I bought it." - Ronald Clarke

"I always had a tough time dealing with inquisitive co-workers and bosses who want to find out what I've been doing online. Thanks to your Internet History Cleaner software this is no longer a problem. My computer also works faster now that I keep it clean of all unnecessary data and software." - Anirudh Dodson

"Your software makes it very easy to remove cookies, browser history etc. from my computer. Your Internet History Cleaner software is a very good buy because it keeps my computer clean and helps protect my privacy. I can't believe it's so easy to keep my computer clean. Thank you!" - John Karp


Buy Internet History Cleaner today to quickly and easily delete your online activities - so your internet history stays 100% PRIVATE.

Protect your online privacy now and NEVER WORRY about who is checking out your online search activities.

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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