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Panic Button Pro

Hide Windows Desktop and Browser Windows with a Single Keystroke!

Everyone has a reason for not wanting others to see what they are up to. Whether innocent or not, you can NOW have your own personal panic button. Just setup Panic Button Pro and press your secret keystroke - to quickly hide browser windows, program, Webcams being viewed, mute your sound, and more. With Panic Button Pro it's so easy to hide EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, fast!


Frequenty Asked Questions

Got questions about Panic Button Pro? Don't worry, we have answers!:

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Q. What is Panic Button Pro?

Panic Button Pro is the quickest and easiest way to protect your PC privacy!

It works by automatically hiding all of your private windows – whenever you hit your secret "panic button" key combination.

For example, you may setup Panic Button Pro to automatically hide all of your Internet browser windows, and mute your sound, whenever you press CTRL + 1.

Then, when your boss or wife enters the room and you quickly need to hide what's on your screen, just hit that special key combination – and everything magically disappears.

When the coast is clear, hit that key combination again – and everything reappears as normal.

It's EASY. Just set it and forget it.

Panic Button Pro provides 24/7 privacy protection – all, quite literally, at the press of a button.

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Q. What can I hide using Panic Button Pro?

Panic Button Pro is the world's most customizable "panic button" tool – meaning you can use it to protect almost anything you desire!

Panic Button Pro can hide any window, based on its exact title, text contained in the title, or the program type (such as Internet browser windows).

It can also hide icons from the notification area (near the system time), in addition to muting and unmuting the system sound.

Not only that, Panic Button Pro can launch or forcibly end programs whenever you press your secret key combination – meaning you can fire up additional security software, or launch company programs, making it look as though you're hard at work!

No matter what you want to hide, Panic Button Pro can make it disappear.

Just press your panic button key combination – and you're done!

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Q. Will anyone know that I'm running Panic Button Pro?

Absolutely not!

Panic Button Pro can operate in 100% stealth mode, meaning that it runs in the background, without any icons appearing in the notification area.

Just press a special key combination to open the main screen.

You can also protect the main interface with a further password, to ensure total privacy protection.

Nobody will EVER know that your computer is being silently guarded 24/7 by Panic Button Pro, ready to spring into action and protect your privacy – all at the press of a button.

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Q. Can I setup multiple profiles using Panic Button Pro?

You bet!

Panic Button Pro effortlessly handles multiple profiles. So you can setup one profile to mute your sound, close your browser windows and open Excel -- while another closes Solitaire and launches an internal intranet site.

And it's all SO EASY to setup, using the step-by-step hotkey setup wizard.

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Q. Is there a trial version of Panic Button Pro available?


You can download the trial version of Panic Button Pro by clicking here. It runs just like the full version for a whole 7 days (or 14 runs), then expires.

But why not just go right ahead and purchase the full version?

Remember, we give you an ENTIRE MONTH to evaluate the program, to ensure it works perfectly for you. Not only that, but you also get to lock in to our current massively discounted offer price – alongside free lifetime upgrades and support.

Click HERE to grab YOUR copy, TODAY!

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Q. Will Panic Button Pro work on my PC?

Almost definitely!

Panic Button Pro works with Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

That covers the vast majority of home and work PCs used worldwide!

In addition, Panic Button Pro also operates fully on Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000, and Windows NT 4.0 with SP 6A applied.

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Q. Do I receive free upgrades and support for this program?


As part of our current May promotion, we're giving away FREE lifetime upgrades to all new customers.

So that means you can be sure your purchase is future-proof, no matter what new operating systems are released, or what new exciting privacy features we dream up!

The price you pay TODAY is the only amount you'll EVER pay!

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Q. I have more questions. Who can I ask?

Just get in touch with our dedicated support team!

Simply click here to contact our 24/7 support desk. We promise to answer all queries within one business day, however our average response time is just four hours.

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Buy Panic Button Pro now to quickly hide just about ANYTHING from prying eyes fast. Plus, it includes free upgrades and a lifetime of support at no additional cost.

Panic Button Pro STOP WORRYING about the what if. We've got you covered.

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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