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Panic Button Pro

Hide Windows Desktop and Browser Windows with a Single Keystroke!

Everyone has a reason for not wanting others to see what they are up to. Whether innocent or not, you can NOW have your own personal panic button. Just setup Panic Button Pro and press your secret keystroke - to quickly hide browser windows, program, Webcams being viewed, mute your sound, and more. With Panic Button Pro it's so easy to hide EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT, fast!


Customer Reviews of Panic Button Pro

"I admit I like to spend some time doing personal work online while I'm at work. After all, I take my work home as well. I use your Panic Button Pro software to instantly hide all the windows I have opened so that I don't get embarrassed at work. Thank you for this wonderful product." - Steven Raina

"My boss likes to sneak up to see what I'm doing online and I really hate this intrusion of my privacy. I've found the best solution is to install your Panic Button Pro software so that I can hide all the contents of my screen in seconds, with no one the wiser!" - Ari Patrick

"My boss has never been able to catch me doing personal work online thanks to your Panic Button Pro software. I feel that I deserve a break from work once in a while. Your software helps me get some recreation once in a while without attracting undue attention from the powers that be!" - Jack Kumar

"I don't want my kids seeing some of the programs I have on my computer. I find your Panic Button Pro software immensely useful because it helps me hide these programs from inquisitive little eyes. Thank you for making my life a little bit easier and safe from embarrassment." - Neil Gelrud

"I was always worried that my wife or kids would catch me viewing stuff on the computer that I would find hard to explain. Thanks to Panic Button Pro I can surf whenever I want and instantly hide the contents of the screen whenever required. No more unnecessary worries or guilt for me!" - Kyong-mi Rhim

"I used to be terrified that my boss would catch me surfing the net for a new job or checking my social networking updates. That's not going to happen any more thanks to Panic Button Pro. I can open as many browser windows as I want and hide them all by pressing a certain combination of buttons. I can breathe easy because there's no way I can get caught thanks to your amazing software." - Jean Sharma

"My boss once caught me while I was doing some personal work while in the office. I'll never have to face that embarrassment again after I installed your Panic Button Pro software in my computer. For all my boss knows, I'm hard at work all day without coming up for air even once! Thank you very much!" - Mayuri Thomas

"My wife has been suspicious about my computer use thanks to certain sites I couldn't close in time. That's never going to happen again thanks to your Panic Button Pro software that I have installed in my computer. I have even told all my buddies about it. We guys have to stick together, right?" - Beth Masand-Rai

"I'm so glad I came across your Panic Button Pro software. My wife and I use it to prevent our kids from viewing certain applications that we have installed in our computer. Privacy is no longer an issue at our shared computer thanks to your software." - Athar Buchner

"My friend told me about your Panic Button Pro software because I wanted a product that could help me protect my privacy. I'm so glad I bought it because it's a steal at $47. It's extremely easy to use and very effective as well. I'll definitely be telling all my friends about this software because it's very good and offers great value for money." - Aarati Korimilli

Buy Panic Button Pro now to quickly hide just about ANYTHING from prying eyes fast. Plus, it includes free upgrades and a lifetime of support at no additional cost.

Panic Button Pro STOP WORRYING about the what if. We've got you covered.

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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