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Secure Drive Erase

Wipe Your Disk Drive Completely Clean!

Permanently delete files or complete hard drives for good ? in MINUTES! Secure Drive Erase completely OBLITERATES information so you know it's ABSOLUTELY GONE! No more worries that YOUR information might be recovered and fall into the wrong hands. With US Government deletion standards, you know that NO-ONE will be able to get it back.

  • Works with ANY type of drive (including Flash Drives & USB Devices)
  • Simple Interface - Fast & Easy to Use Fast And Easily
  • Free Upgrades & Lifetime Support

Here's Why You Need To Wipe Your Hard Drive

Your computer probably holds a wealth of information about YOU, such as:

  • Old tax returns (including your Social Security Number)
  • Medical records
  • ResumÚs
  • Legal documents
  • Bank accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Emails
  • Personal photos

And the list goes on and on. Now imagine what would happen if a computer hacker got hold of that information. Or an identity thief. You could spend YEARS ? and a SMALL FORTUNE ? just trying to clear your good name!

That's why so many people use Secure Drive Erase. It saves them from all that grief, heartache and expense. It's quick but powerful enough to SHRED old files to SMITHEREENS!

So no matter WHO gets their hands on your computer, you KNOW you're protected.

Instant Protection You Can Bank On

Just because you delete a file, doesn't mean it's GONE!

When you delete a file, you're not wiping it off your machine. You're only removing the reference to that file. Anyone with a bit of undelete software (such as File-Saver) can get it back.

Emptying the recycle bin doesn't get rid of it. Formatting the drive won't do it either. Even if you partition the drive, the data still remains intact on it somewhere. To REALLY get rid of data you no longer want, you have to DESTROY IT!

And for that, you need the power and simplicity of Secure Drive Erase.

A Simple Interface ANYONE Can Use

Secure Drive Erase is powerful data deletion software, utilizing methods officially approved by the US Department of Defense (DOS) and the US National Security Agency (NAS).

It's extremely powerful - but remarkably easy to use. It shreds and eradicates files in MINUTES with just a few clicks of the mouse. Just look at some of its features:

  • Wipe a drive in seconds
  • Overwrite deleted files upwards of 35x
  • Permanently delete selected files, folders or drives - you decide which ones
  • Erase files from a hard drive, flash drive or USB key drive
  • Delete files with a simple right click selection - completely integrated with Windows

Plus, you get unlimited drive wiping, free lifetime upgrades, and free unlimited support with NO HIDDEN CHARGES.

If you're thinking of discarding a hard drive or computer, then you NEED THIS PROGRAM! Buy Secure Drive Erase today.

Buy Secure Drive Erase now and STOP WASTING TIME trying to delete files from your computer yourself, only to find out they can still be retrieved.

Buy Secure Drive Erase and shred all of your sensitive data so NO ONE can ever retrieve it.

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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