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Secure Drive Erase

Wipe Your Disk Drive Completely Clean!

Permanently delete files or complete hard drives for good ? in MINUTES! Secure Drive Erase completely OBLITERATES information so you know it's ABSOLUTELY GONE! No more worries that YOUR information might be recovered and fall into the wrong hands. With US Government deletion standards, you know that NO-ONE will be able to get it back.

  • Works with ANY type of drive (including Flash Drives & USB Devices)
  • Simple Interface - Fast & Easy to Use Fast And Easily
  • Free Upgrades & Lifetime Support

Frequenty Asked Questions

Got questions about Secure Drive Erase? Don't worry, we have answers!:

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Q. What is Secure Drive Erase?

Secure Drive Erase is a powerful deletion tool, which can erase your files, folders and "undelete" data on your hard disk – in just minutes.

It can wipe your hard disk using routines five times stronger than those recommended by the National Security Agency.

Whether you're selling your computer, getting rid of an old hard drive, or ditching your server, you need to be sure that your personal and confidential records are kept secure – or you could face fines, identity theft, blackmail and total corporate failure.

With Secure Drive Erase, this never even becomes a problem. Just a couple of clicks and ALL of your deleted files are erased – for GOOD.

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Q. Why don't I just format my hard disk?

When most people think they're deleting files, they're not really erasing them at all.

Deleting a file or emptying your Recycle Bin doesn't actually erase the file itself, it just removes the "pointer" to that file on your hard disk. The data still remains.

When you format or repartition your hard disk, it just "prepares" that disk for reuse. Again, the data still remains.

All of this data can be very easily recovered using simple undelete programs, such as File-Saver.

The only way to truly guarantee that your data is gone for good is to overwrite that "hidden data" – over and over again.

Secure Drive Erase does this, up to and over Government-level standards, ensuring that absolutely NO undelete application in the world can EVER recover your deleted files.

And it does it... in just minutes!

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Q. How does Secure Drive Erase work?

When files are deleted from your computer, they're not really removed from the hard disk. Instead, the "pointer" to that file is erased – but the data is still on your drive.

That information can be recovered using any simple file recovery tool, such as File-Saver.

Secure Drive Erase works by actually analyzing your drive on a bit-by-bit level, uncovering all of that deleted file information, and overwriting it with a mass of random data.

It then repeats this process, over and over, well above the Government-recommended standards – ensuring that previously deleted data can NEVER be recovered EVER again.

Secure Drive Erase gives you total peace of mind that your data is 100% SAFE from prying eyes.

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Q. Tell me about the DOD and NSA requirements?

Our software conforms to the Department of Defense (DOD) 5220.22-M standard, which specifies the need for three patterned data passes over the original information.

It's also compliant with the NSA-approved data sanitization requirement of seven patterned data passes over the original information.

Finally, Secure Drive Erase also allows you to erase data following the Gutmann protocol, which overwrites data a total of 35 times – for uber-paranoid individuals.

This absolutely guarantees that no equipment in the world will ever be able to read the original information from the hard drive.

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Q. Do I really need this?

It really depends on how much you value your privacy.

If somebody recovers your personal information, you may end up the victim of identity theft, blackmail or pure embarrassment.

If somebody recovers your corporate information, you may end up credit card details, customer information and vital records compromised – with potentially huge fines for breaching data protection laws.

Secure Drive Erase stops this from ever becoming a problem.

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Q. Will this work on my special drive type?

Yes! Secure Drive Erase works with absolutely ANY type of drive – including USB drives, Firewire drives, memory cards, flash drives, and more.

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Q. Do you include free upgrades?

You bet! We don't think you should pay, just because we've come up with some cool new ideas for our software. When you purchase Secure Drive Erase, you'll automatically be entitled to FREE upgrades and FREE support for life.

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Q. I have more questions. Who can I ask?

We're always here to help! Just click here to get in touch with our support team. We promise to answer all queries within one business day, however our average response time is just four hours. Say hello!

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Buy Secure Drive Erase now and STOP WASTING TIME trying to delete files from your computer yourself, only to find out they can still be retrieved.

Buy Secure Drive Erase and shred all of your sensitive data so NO ONE can ever retrieve it.

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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