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Virtual Vault Pro

Create Your Own Virtual Vault for Total PC File Security

Want 100% secure file protection? Virtual Vault Pro lets you "lock up" files in your own "virtual vault" - so NO-ONE but you can access them. Files stay HIDDEN from prying eyes - and the software SHREDS the originals so they can NEVER BE RECOVERED.

It's privacy you can truly bank on!


Hide Folders - so ONLY YOU can see them!

Everyone has a FEW private files on their PC - files they DON'T want other people to see.

They might be job applications, financial data, work-related documents, your diary, secret e-mails or chat conversations, or adult images. Information you want to keep snooping spouses, inquisitive children or curious computer technicians away from.

But if those files aren't protected, YOU'RE AT RISK!

Guard Against Potential Identity Theft

Your PC contains LOADS of information about you. What would happen if that information fell into the wrong hands? It only takes ONE nosey or unscrupulous computer repairman to steal that information - without you even knowing it!

That's why so many people are turning to Virtual Vault Pro software. It uses advanced data encryption techniques, making your files IMPREGNABLE to everyone but you. These days identity theft is a billion-dollar industry, so this is the kind of protection EVERYONE needs.

You've got enough to worry about without having THAT kind of hassle on your plate!

A Simple But Powerful Security Tool

Virtual Vault Pro has the answer. It lets you drag-and-drop ANY file into a "virtual vault" where no-one but you can get at them. It even shreds the original file from your hard disk, leaving absolutely NO TRACE behind. It's so powerful not even the FBI can recover it!

To access your protected files at any time, just double-click on the vault and enter your password.

It's fast, it's easy, and IT WORKS!

Just look at some of the program's remarkable features:

  • Hide files and folders on your PC
  • Password protect documents and images
  • Easily protect files of ANY type (Word, Excel, Jpeg, Web pages and more)
  • Send encrypted vault files via e-mail
  • Multi-level file shredder - so files are completely unrecoverable
  • Built-in photo browser for ease of use
  • Fast, easy print option directly from vault

And with free upgrades and free lifetime support, you'll know your privacy is ALWAYS protected.

That's Virtual Vault Pro - your SAFEST BET for file security!

Get your copy of Virtual Vault Pro TODAY for JUST $19.95 and begin protecting YOUR privacy! Keep your secret data so well hidden that NO ONE even knows it exits - just drag and drop and your protected!

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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