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Virtual Vault Pro

Create Your Own Virtual Vault for Total PC File Security

Want 100% secure file protection? Virtual Vault Pro lets you "lock up" files in your own "virtual vault" - so NO-ONE but you can access them. Files stay HIDDEN from prying eyes - and the software SHREDS the originals so they can NEVER BE RECOVERED.

It's privacy you can truly bank on!


How to Securely Protect Your Private Files.

Just By Dragging Them Into Your Own "VIRTUAL VAULT"!

So, would you like to see Virtual Vault Pro in action?

Here are a few screenshots taken straight from the latest version of the program:

Getting Started

With this simple program you can encrypt private files and photos inside a "virtual vault" - and, if needed, remove the originals from your hard disk. You can use Virtual Vault Pro to store any file type.

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Main Screen

When you first run Virtual Vault Pro you will be offered three options: Create New Vault, Open Existing Vault or Open File Shredder. To begin, you should create a new vault.

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Create a Password for your Virtual Vault

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Drag and Drop Files

Once your vault has been created, dragging and dropping files is the simplest way to add files to your vault.

However, if you wish, you can also open the program window by double-clicking or right-clicking the floating vault icon and selecting the "Enter Vault" option. Once you enter the Virtual Vault Pro main screen, you can add, view, print or remove files using program menus.

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Shred Confirmation Screen

Each time you drag and drop (or otherwise add) a file or group of files to the vault, you will be asked if you wish to have them shredded (securely and completely removed) from your hard disk. It's advised that you click Yes here to permanently delete your original files.

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Opening Your Vault

You will be asked for a password again (as you are every time you access the vault).

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Built-in Image Viewer

By default, when you open the vault, it will preview the contents in thumbnail mode. This is the best way to use the program if most of the files in the vault are images. You can also double-click on an image to view it full screen.

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Extracting Files from Vault

Want to extract a file from the vault, for editing?

Simply open the vault, right-click on a file, and select "Extract" > "Save As". Then select a filename and the file will be restored to your disk. You can also print files directly from the vault.

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Shredding Options Screen

Want to extract a file from the vault, for editing?

By default, the simplest and fastest Shredding Method is selected: Basic. This method is good enough for most needs. Even skilled hackers will be unable to recover such files without the use of specialized hardware tools. Software recovery is virtually impossible, although you should select the method you are most comfortable with.

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File Shredding Screen

Once opened, File Shredder is simple and straight-forward tool. Drag and drop or select files through Windows file browser dialog to add files to the Shred List. When ready, simply select "Shred Listed Files" from the File menu and watch the progress.

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Virtual Vault Pro

Get your copy of Virtual Vault Pro TODAY for JUST $19.95 and begin protecting YOUR privacy! Keep your secret data so well hidden that NO ONE even knows it exits - just drag and drop and your protected!

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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