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Virtual Vault Pro

Create Your Own Virtual Vault for Total PC File Security

Want 100% secure file protection? Virtual Vault Pro lets you "lock up" files in your own "virtual vault" - so NO-ONE but you can access them. Files stay HIDDEN from prying eyes - and the software SHREDS the originals so they can NEVER BE RECOVERED.

It's privacy you can truly bank on!


Customer Reviews of Virtual Vault Pro

"I use your Virtual Vault Pro software to protect all my personal data from even the most determined snoopers. It's good to know that I have a safe place to store important data that should be seen only by me. Thank you for this useful product." - Ronald Bradley

"A friend of mine got into trouble at work because of job application data he left lying on his computer. There's no way I'll let that happen to me, thanks to your Virtual Vault Pro software that I have installed on my computer. My data is totally secure now and only I can access it." - Jorge Kavanaugh

"I'm amazed at how efficient your Virtual Vault Pro software is. It can protect any type of data without a problem and it gives me complete security. I use it to protect documents and photographs that I don't want other people to see. I'd be really insecure without this product!" ? Noel Paul

"Your Virtual Vault Pro software is the easiest thing to use. I can't believe that I get high level data protection merely by dragging and dropping my sensitive data to your ?virtual vault'. Thank you for making this software easy to use by non-geeks like me. I love the fact that the data on my computer gets shredded once I place it in the vault." - Joyann Hameed

"I'm a security consultant who studies all sorts of security software. I'm really impressed with the way Virtual Vault Pro works and I always recommend that my clients use it if they want their sensitive data to be kept completely private. As a matter of fact, I use this product as well." - Michael Kerner

"I don't have to deal with people snooping through my computer any more thanks to your Virtual Vault Pro software. All my secret data is so well hidden that they have no idea that it exists at all. Your software is truly excellent and the regular free updates are most welcome." - Marina Wenzel

"It's really good to know that even the FBI will not be able to recover data that I've placed in your virtual vault. There is no way my inquisitive boss will be able to lay her hands on my personal documents now! Thank you for developing this really useful software." - Louis Miller

"I've always been worried about the hoard of ?forbidden' material I've collected on my computer now that my kids are old (and smart) enough to unearth them. Thanks to your Virtual Vault Pro software I have no more fears that they will be able to see this stuff. Thank you for saving me from a ton of worry and potential embarrassment!" - Vikas De La Torre

"My computer is a boring place to potential snoopers thanks to your Virtual Vault Pro software which I just installed. There is simply nothing to be seen because it is all safely hidden away in your online vault. I'm truly amazed at the level of file protection your software offers." - Adnan Dye

"I bought your Virtual Vault Pro software as soon as I heard of it because this was just the thing I was looking for. There's no way I want my personal files to be viewed by my boss or my wife. I'll say that this is one of the best software I ever purchased." - Joshua Kaza

Get your copy of Virtual Vault Pro TODAY for JUST $19.95 and begin protecting YOUR privacy! Keep your secret data so well hidden that NO ONE even knows it exits - just drag and drop and your protected!

  For all Windows systems including Windows 8

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