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Backup E-mail

Never Lose Another E-mail Again – EVER!

Backup Email is the complete mail backup system! Designed for fast, easy backup of Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail, it makes backing up a cinch. Backup account settings, address books, IE favorites - and more!

With its simple intuitive wizard, Backup Email ensures your e-mails NEVER get lost or deleted!


Frequenty Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Backup Email? No problem, we have answers!

Here are our top frequently asked questions about Backup Email:

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Q. How does Backup E-mail work?

Backup E-mail works by recording every little detail about your e-mail client, and the settings you decide to keep, and saving it all in one useful file. When you decide to restore your archive, Backup E-mail analyzes this data and safely puts all the e-mail messages and settings back into your e-mail client. It's all totally secure, totally safe, and totally EASY!

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Q. Which e-mail clients does it support?

Backup E-mail fully supports ALL recent versions of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express. That includes Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, and 2010, and Outlook Express 5.0, 5.5 and 6.0. It also fully supports ALL versions of Windows Mail.

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Q. Why should I purchase?

Studies have shown that 100% of hard drives fail - and that the majority of computer users suffer one serious computer crash every two years. When it happens to you, all of your e-mail is lost. FOREVER! Wave goodbye to years of correspondence and critical information! But if you have Backup-Email installed, you'll NEVER worry about losing anything when your machine crashes. To purchase the full version for $24.95, click HERE.

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Q. Can I backup one PC and restore to another?

Absolutely. Just install Backup E-mail on both machines. Backup from the first PC, transfer the backup file, then restore on the second PC. It's simple!

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Q. Can I backup from Outlook and restore to Express?

You cannot backup from one e-mail client and restore to another. For example, you cannot backup your e-mail from Outlook and restore to Outlook Express. You can only backup and restore to the same e-mail client. However you can restore from one version of Windows to another, without a problem!

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Q. Can I backup Outlook 5 and restore to Outlook 6?

This often works, however isn't officially supported. E-mail clients often change their settings between major versions, so we advise you always restore to the same major version of your e-mail client (THEN upgrade if you wish!).

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Q. Can I order Backup E-mail on CD-ROM?

Absolutely yes! This costs an extra $15, including FREE international shipping. Click HERE to learn more.

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Q. I have more questions, who can I ask for help?

If you're experiencing difficulties with our program or site, simply contact us via our dedicated dedicated site. We guarantee to answer all of your questions quickly and efficiently, with technicians regularly available for live online chat.

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